Sprocket Holes Never Looked This Beautiful Before!

2013-12-10 1

It all started back in summer 2012 when I participated in a Sprocket Rocket workshop. All those colorful Sprocket Rocket’s just blew my mind!

Credits: bomboniera

I really enjoyed this camera during the workshop but the real magic happened when I got the results after I got the film developed. I simply loved them! I literally ran back to the Lomography Gallery Store to buy myself a brand new Sprocket Rocket. With this camera you can take panoramic photos easily and you always get great results!

Credits: bomboniera

The mask that comes with the camera lets you take panoramic photos without sprocket holes but come on, it is called the Sprocket Rocket! The point is to use all the film with sprocket holes in them!

Another reason that I love this panoramic camera is that it makes it so easy to make multiple exposures. You just hit the shutter release anytime you want, that’s all!

Credits: bomboniera

And it also has a Bulb mode, which will help you to get great results indoors and in low light conditions. The important thing is to hold your camera still in Bulb mode. You can use a tripod or a flat surface to keep the camera still. But as you can see, I couldn’t hold my camera still in this photo but I think it’s great anyway!

Credits: bomboniera

To get panoramic photos easily, Sprocket Rocket is a colorful and fun way!

Credits: bomboniera

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Love the roller coaster one. Very surreal!

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