Make A Thousand Colorful Lights With Bokeh


A simple way to get a thousand lights of different shapes.

Bokeh is a photographic jargon term derived from the Japanese word “boke” meaning “blur” or “mental confusion.” The bokeh is properly contained in areas out of focus of a photographic image and the aesthetic quality of the blur. It also refers to the technique that produces a pleasant “blurry” effect through creative use of the optical properties of the objectives.

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In a few words, to get a good bokeh you need 2 things in particular: a subject not too far from the camera and a good middle-tele lens with a low f-number (e.g. f 1.7-f 2.) This allows us to blur the subject from the background.

In this case I used a Yashica MAT 124 with close-up lens Rolleinar 2 and maximum opening at f3.5 to give more prominence to the subject in the foreground.

Photo by simonesavo

At Christmas time, we have at our disposal many colored lights. These are excellent for experimenting on bokeh. Here is an example:

Credits: simonesavo

These are the materials you need to get photos like these:

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pen

First we make a circle of the same diameter of our lens. In the center of the circle, draw the you like. Here, I made a star but you can use other figures and forms that you like.

Cut the shape and stick the paper cap on the lens.

Ok, now you’re ready to create your creative bokeh! Just focus on the lights and expose the film. You can shoot as many as you like! Here are a few examples:

Credits: simonesavo

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