A Portrait of Alex Majoli


Fancy seeing awesome analogue shots from someone you (probably) do not know? Check out this tribute of sorts for Magnum photographer Alex Majoli!

“I think my interest gets sparked when I recognize a memory. That is when I take a picture.”

These are quite interesting and thought-provoking words from photographer Alex Majoli, who has been shooting over 25 years. His breadth of work is impeccable, ranging from war and conflict photography, short films, and even composing the music for the video below.

In this photo essay made by Leica in collaboration with Magnum, the give a glimpse of Alex’s worldview and his thoughts on what he sees in his mind’s eye. Quite the inspiring video, if you ask me. Go check it out!

written by cruzron on 2013-12-03 #videos #lifestyle #photography #leica #magnum #alex-majoli

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