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It all started with @buckshot’s fun Lomo race on New Year’s day, the beginning of a great analogue year. New love, new cameras, new exciting experiences. Find out more after the jump!

Credits: sweetyyydreams

Although 2013 was, to my regret, not as busy as 2012, it has been really full of fun lomo adventures and firsts, that I’m sharing with you now !

Buckshot’ New Year’s Day Lomo Race and refreshing holidays in South of France

What’s a better way to start a great analogue year than waking up on 1st January at 9 AM (after a very short and heavily alcoholic night) in order to participate in a Lomo race organized by fellow lomographer buckshot?

I spent a cloudy New Year’s Day by myself running around the house, driving around my deserted village and the surrounding areas to try to complete the race. I had a lovely day, although it was quite tiring due to the short night and the small hangover which followed me throughout the day!

Credits: sweetyyydreams

Increasing my analogue camera collection

2013 has been such an exciting year in terms of getting new cameras! I started 2013 with 2 new cameras I received for Christmas: LC-Wide, and the beautiful Belair Globetrotter! I also treated myself with a Superpop Red Sprocket Rocket.

Back in Syria, my boyfriend made me the big surprise to buy me a Polaroid SX-70; I was lucky enough to find in a local antique photo shop an as-good-as-new Yashica Mat 124G for around 30 USD, and a good Rolleiflex 2.8f for around 200 USD, which I love!

Some of my cameras
Some photos taken with my new cameras: LC-Wide, Sprocket Rocket, Belair, Yashica Mat

And my 2013 will end spectacularly, as upon my return to France mid-December, 3 new cameras are waiting for me in their parcels, on my bed a Diana Meg Edition (my 3rd Diana clone in my collection, after the Edelweiss and the Dreamer), a Diana Mini Evelyn (my second, after the Petite Noire), and a Diana Baby 110! What? I’m crazy about Dianas cameras?! Haha!

Documenting bits of Syria with my analogue cameras

I am working as a humanitarian aid worker, and I left for Syria in September 2012. My mission lasted 15 months, until this month of December 2013.

This has been been a highly challenging, but deeply interesting and rewarding experience. My movements were very limited and the ability to take photos rare, so I was not able unfortunately to use my analogue cameras too much, but I would sometimes go walk around in the old city with my boyfriend. Damascus is a gorgeous city (the old city is on the UNESCO world heritage list), and it was amazing to visit a few ancient places.

Some shots taken in the old city of Damascus

Testing new films and tips

I have been bookmarking for a couple of years so many tipsters I would like to try, but 2013 was a busy year professionally, and I was in a place where photographing was almost impossible, so I haven’t been taking many risks with the few rolls I shot this year. Oh well, I’ll keep my big lomo projects for 2014. Despite this, I was able to successfully do a film swap with @ediblestrange, and it was a fun experience!

I’m looking forward to renew the experience with fellow lomographer @maaikel, his roll is waiting for me back home!

Doubles with @ediblestrange

2013 was also the launch by Lomography of the Lomochrome Purple, and I had to get some of those! I used my first 2 rolls this summer in my Yashica and my Holga. I loved the result! I can’t wait to try other rolls soon.

Credits: sweetyyydreams

Finding love, and sharing the lomo love

2013 was indeed my lucky year. I fell in love with my wonderful man in Syria, the last place I would have ever thought to find love.

He has made my challenging year in his country a wonderful time by his side, made me discover unique sides of Syria. In return, I made him discover Lomography and he’s hooked! He started back into the analogue world this summer with Polaroids, and this Christmas, a Konstruktor will be waiting under the Christmas tree for him!

@eliasmaxihanna my boyfriend and recent lomographer

In conclusion, 2013 has been a great analogue year for me, and 2014 will be even better!

How about you my fellow lomo-lovers, how was your analogue 2013?

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  1. eliasmaxihanna
    eliasmaxihanna ·

    C'est magnifique, tu as couvert tous les sujets que tu veux. et merci beaucoup pour me inclure dans cet article.

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    I just stumbled upon this article now - thanks a lot for mentioning the New Year's Day Lomo Race...! I'm glad you had a great 2013 and I hope this year is just as good or even better. Best wishes from London :-)

  3. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    @buckshot Thanks a lot for the wishes and I wish the same to you! Also thanks for the idea of the lomo race, it was definitely a great moment! Best wishes from Paris, if you ever come here, it would be a pleasure to meet and go for a lomo walk! Karine

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