Tenerife the Island of Eternal


It’s called the island of eternal spring, but frankly speaking all seasons island is more suitable name for it. Tenerife – one of Canarian Islands, piece of Spain in Atlantic Ocean, place where time stops and you become absolutely happy.

2,5 hours from Saint-Petersburg to Frankfurt and 5 hours more…it’s all to see the magnificent island which has touched our hearts. It’s called «the island of eternal spring», but frankly speaking «all seasons island» is more suitable name for it. While on the top of it (it means the highest point – volkano Teide) is sunny, snowy and cold, on the ocean coast it’s hot and cloudy. If you want you always can find warm spring with blossoming nature or constant autumn and nature withering. Everything you would like – it’s all here.

More over this amazing island is full of wonderful animals. Lemurs, monkeys, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, parrots, meerkats. There is no sense to try to list all. But if you sometimes visit this fantastic island, I’m sure you necessarily make friends with all of them.

You like surfing so just go to the east to El Medano: lonely coast at first sight and place for romantic wave lovers. Prefer flying on a para plane – rise on a mountain plateau and just feel freedom. And if you need serenity – just come to the evening beach and enjoy amazing sunset. But whatever you choose, atmosphere of a coziness, heat and extraordinary calmness of this island won’t leave you indifferent. Relax, deeply sigh and buy ticket to Tenerife the island of eternal…you can choose yourself)

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  1. disdis
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    Nice gallery!

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    #2-12-17 are my fav photos. cool location

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    mephisto19 ·

    huge and very good gallery, congrats

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    Great location and gallery!

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    Cool gallery !

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    what a gallery! you really enjoy it

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    Incredible shots !

  8. sp1rt
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    thank you, guys! :)

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    I fell in love with your pictures!

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    This is my island!!! I like your vision! :D


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    на 4то снято?

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