Photographer's Project Documents Her Sister's Childhood and Reimagines Her Own


When a photographer from Ohio found her muse in her much younger sibling, she began reliving and reimagining her own childhood by photographing her sister and telling the stories behind them. Find out more about this touching project after the jump!

Erica: I see my camera. I see your camera. You always print your pictures big. It ain’t fair. I want mine big. Can you get me more cameras again for Christmas next year?
Amy: Sure, why do you want more cameras?
Erica: I like taking pictures.
Amy: What do you like to take pictures of?
Erica: My toys. Hannah Montana. My mom. My princess tent. You got that tent for me, and now it’s broken.
Amy: Anything else you like to photograph?
Erica: I think that’s it mommy… I mean Amy!

Amy Powell, a photographer who hails from Columbus, Ohio, has been working on a photo series featuring Erica, her much younger half-sister. Like many doting older sisters, Amy was present in many of her sister’s firsts — including taking her first photographs and being the first to hold her. Years later, Erica becomes the subject and muse of her big sister’s project entitled Erica & I.

Using a medium format camera, Amy takes portraits of Erica not only to document her sister’s childhood but also to relive and reimagine her own. “Ever since, having a much younger sibling has given me the unique experience of observing the way in which I may have been raised. Photographing Erica has become a window into my own elusive childhood,” Amy says about the project.

In some of the photos, Amy also tells the little stories behind them, like dialogues between her and Erica:

Amy: Do you remember this?
Erica: Yee es.
Amy: What do you remember?
Erica: (No response)
Amy: What do you see?
Erica: It’s covered in ice.
Amy: What else?
Erica: I see ice on my window. I see a wall. I see the wood. And what is that, a handle?
Amy: To open or close the window.
Erica: I was closing my eyes. Or looking out the window. I see my hair, my face, and that’s all.
Amy: Do you think you should be allowed to do that?
Erica: Noooo.
Amy: Why not?
Erica: (no response)
Amy: What’s going on here?
Erica: We took a picture. I’m not going to talk anymore. That’s all I wanna talk about.

Amy: Let’s look at this one.
Erica: No. No. No. No. No.
Amy: What are you doing in this picture?
Erica: Cuddling.
Amy: What do you mean?
Erica: I’m cuddling myself.
Amy: Why are you cuddling yourself?
Erica: I don’t know.
Mom: Thank God it’s a clean mattress!

Don’t forget to visit Amy Powell's website to see the rest of the photos so far and learn more about the project!

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