Today in History(1888): Lens Maker Carl Zeiss Dies at the Age of 72

Photography may never be what it is now if not for this great innovator’s contributions.

As we all know, lenses play a good deal when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind shots. Every ray of light and slight opening of the aperture comes into consideration. And this man had been instrumental in bringing us some of clearest images in the earlier days of photography.

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Carl Zeiss was a German lens maker who opened up his own shop in Jena, Thuringia, Germany. The company was known as Carl Zeiss Optical Works in Jena and created high-quality lenses for microscopes. Zeiss’s lens became popular due to the quality of craftsmanship that goes into each individual lens. Zeiss continued making microscopes until the arrival of cameras. The little workshop in Jena also started creating top-of-the-line lenses for cameras.

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Zeiss’s high-quality optical lenses became a hit among camera manufacturers. Carl Zeiss lenses were known for their clear images and high aperture range that allowed for brighter images. The German lens maker partnered with physicist Ernest Abbe in 1866. And with their combined efforts, the pair discovered the Abbe sine condition.

Here are some photos from the community taken using Carl Zeiss lenses:

Credits: larslau, dreamseller & marije

The company that Carl Zeiss founded still continues to make top-of-the-line lenses for cinematography, photography and industrial use. Born on September 11, 1816, the famed lens maker died of natural causes on December 3, 1888 following a stroke. His name still bears the stamp of craftsmanship and high-quality optics. His contributions to photography live on with products that carry his name.

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