Shooting in Analogue at Universal Studios Singapore


I know I haven’t really been around just yet, but I think I can already say that Universal Studios Singapore is now one of my most favorite places on Earth.

Credits: chooolss

Last March, two of my closest college friends and I flew to Singapore for a weeklong trip. On our itinerary, of course, was to spend an entire day at the Universal Studios in Resorts World Sentosa.

My travel buddies Adie and Weng!

For the trip I brought my Vivitar EZ35 and a Diana F+ flash another friend loaned me. I’d have to be completely honest and say that I also took photos using an iPad Mini – you know, just in case it turns out that I wasn’t able to capture any images on film. I’m still rather new when it comes to analogue photography, so it’s a scenario that’s very likely to happen (… and it did)!

It was actually the second time that I got to visit Universal Studios then, the first being last year when I went to see some of my Singapore-based cousins. Despite that, I still found myself looking forward to it just a little more than anything my friends and I have planned in our itinerary.

Credits: chooolss

For those who have yet to visit the place, Universal Studios is divided into sections of different themes from the movies and has a lot of attractions. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try everything due to time constraints (we still planned to catch the last trip at the Singapore Flyer after at night). But we did get to ride a few that we said we shouldn’t miss, like the Transformers: The Ride and Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. We were also supposed to ride one of the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters but due to a threat of a thunderstorm, we weren’t able to as both rides had to be closed (on a side note, I was finally able to when I went back this June to accompany one of my visiting younger cousins from Canada! It‘s definitely one for the books, but that’s an entire story altogether!). Most of the time then my friends and I actually spent just walking around the park, taking in the sights and sounds and eating a lot of food!

Credits: chooolss

I’m not sure why it is exactly, but I just love going to Universal Studios in that I wouldn’t mind allotting a day just for it if ever I’ll have another trip to Singapore. Maybe it’s the kid in me. Anyway, since this was also one of the first few times that I shot using the Vivitar EZ35, I was able to learn a few things that could guide me the next time I shoot. Like sometimes, using flash really helps (I used to sort of lean toward not using flash, especially when I was in college), and to remember to take out the Vivitar’s extra feature that would let you take faux panoramas/letterbox-like images unless it’s really necessary to use it!

PS. I apologize for the lack of photos! I really would’ve loved to share more. I actually had another roll, but when I had that one developed, it turned out that no image was captured at all! So I only have these, the rest of which you may see in this album.

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