Monday Moodboard: Counting Down the Days and the Hours

2013-12-02 1

I have never been more conscious about the days passing and the hours ticking away until these past few days. I must really be getting old.

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In our youth, we feel infinite. We see the road before us forking in every direction, and we can be whatever or whoever we want to be. But sometimes, all the possibilities laid out before us can be overwhelming. We only have to choose one (or maybe one at a time), but because every choice is potentially life-changing, we tend to spend time thinking every option over. In my case, I think I’ve already spent so much time thinking and weighing my options but I still feel like I’m not yet ready to take the plunge.

This indecision has finally taken its toll on me. I now feel too old to make certain choices. Some days ago, I realized that I have spent much of my youth just skirting around many of the things that I want to do in life; I was never brave enough to just try and make them happen. Now, I feel that time is running out and I have to make decisions now. It’s now or never.

So, I have started counting down the days and the hours to make things happen. I can only hope that I’m not yet too late and the big leap of faith will be worth it in the end.

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  1. jillytanrad
    jillytanrad ·

    "and we can be whatever or whoever we want to be."

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