Monday Moodboard: Can't Get Enough of Old-timey Photos


For me, old photographs are really cool to look at. I just get this feeling of nostalgia and a certain longing that makes me wish I was born during those times.

I always get a kick out of seeing old-timey photos. The richness and texture of the prints trigger my imagination. It doesn’t matter if I wasn’t even born yet during those times; I just feel that they’re still relevant.

The term “old soul” is something that I think of when I look at these pictures. I just imagine that life was exciting back then and I’d like to have a real feel of it. Glimpses at these photos are like sneak peeks into the old days. It’s a good thing that the Library of Congress offers easy access to these historic gems. You can see more photos on their Flickr photostream.

And let’s admit it, they have awesome-looking cameras and they don dapper outfits back then. You gotta give that to the old-timers.

All photos were sourced from the Library of Congress Flickr photostream.

written by cheeo on 2013-12-02 #news #vintage #library-of-congress #monday-moodboard-series #old-soul

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