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This Month’s Requests


While we are no longer accepting submissions for News articles, we still want your tips! Tips are considered articles where Lomography or analogue photography are featured. Shoot us an e-mail at, and you will be credited for every approved/published tip!

Analogue Lifestyle

  • All I Want for Christmas: As the countdown to Christmas has finally begun, we’re sure you’re finalizing that wishlist of yours. We’re curious, of all the stuff you have on your list — whether something Lomography/film photography related or otherwise — what’s that one thing you wish Santa would grant you this year?
  • A Different Christmas: Do you have your own, unique way of celebrating Christmas, like a family tradition or a local practice on your side of the world? Whether you hit the beach, have a horror movie marathon, or do something for charity with your family or friends, we’d like to hear about it and see your snaps!
  • Winter Landscapes: As the year end inches closer, so does the chilly weather that makes us go brrr! However, let’s admit it, winter can be quite scenic too! There can’t be a better time to start showcasing those winter snaps, whether you’re sipping hot coco or skiing down the slopes, so better get your best winter landscape galleries ready for some show-and-tell this month!
  • Picture This: Gratitude: For this month’s Picture This challenge, it’s time for you to count your blessings, go through the lomographs you snapped this year, and share with us your shots that best show and tell what you’re thankful for as this year ends. Don’t forget to tell us the amazing stories behind your photos of gratitude!
  • Your 2013 in Analogue: As the current year inches towards its closing, why don’t we all take a retrospective look at the things, people, places, and events that defined our 2013? It’s been said that pictures paint a thousand words, so why don’t we throw in our best (or maybe even some worst) lomographs taken this year?

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  • Yuletide Holiday Destinations: The Yuletide Season is usually one for travelling with family or friends. If it has been a tradition for you to hit the road or fly off somewhere for a Yuletide Holiday, where do you usually head to? What do you usually do? Tell us about your Christmas adventures and show off those awesome travel lomographs!
  • Holiday Shopping Spots: It’s time once again to make those shopping lists for your family and friends! Where in your town do you usually head to complete your Christmas shopping? Tell us about your favorite holiday shopping spots and give us some tips to get the best deals this season!
  • Winter Destinations: Got a favorite winter destination? In preparation for the colder weather that lies ahead, why don’t you tell us about those winter wonderlands where your fellow lomographers can also head to revel in the view of snow-capped landscapes or engage in some winter activities?

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  • Winter Photography Tips: We all know that the winter sceneries and snow-capped landscapes all require a different photographic approach. If you have some tips and tricks for ensure great snaps during the snow season, we’d like to learn about them!
  • Shoot Now, eat later: Are you a foodie who likes taking photos of your mouthwatering meals before gorging on them? Why don’t you share your tips on food photography with us, especially now that parties and banquets will soon come pouring in!
  • Street Photography for the Holidays: Cities will soon be decorated in bright lights and glowing decorations, and it would be a waste not to capture the beauty of your streets’ Yuletide cheer in film. If you have some street photography tips that are perfect for this occasion, go on and share them with us!
  • Bokeh-licious: Everyone could use a tip on shooting bokeh in this bright and festive season! If you’ve mastered the art of shooting bokeh photos, share with us your tips on Holiday bokeh shots (ex. tips for festive photos w/ Christmas lights)!

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  • La Sardina Camera & Flash St. Moritz
  • Diana F+ Chamonix
  • Lomo LC-A+ 20th Anniversary Edition
  • La Sardina Moonassi Edition
  • Fuji Instax Mini 8
  • Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic


  • Lomography Lobster Redscale 110
  • LomoChrome Purple 35mm and 120
  • Lomography Lady Grey 400 120
  • Kodak GB 200 Color Print 35mm
  • Fuji Instax Wide Double Pack


  • Konstruktor DIY Close-Up and Macro Lens Kit
  • Konstruktor DIY Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit
  • Lomography Experimental Lens Kit
  • Belairgon Lenses
  • Belair 35mm Back
  • La Sardina Dresses

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