Photo Ideas With the Help of OKDOTHIS

2013-12-01 1

Have an iPhone but in a rut as far as photographic ideas are concerned? Try out the app OKDOTHIS which helps you in your creative funk!

Getting creative ideas while shooting might be natural for some of the lucky ones, but for most people it involves lots of time wracking your brain. You can make things a wee bit easier with your smartphone using the new app OKDOTHIS. The app gives you advice on what to shoot and what to do with it. You don’t have to shoot with your phone, of course. Just use the tips it offers when you need it, set your phone aside, and shoot with your favorite analogue buddy! Some ideas might seem cliche, but it jump-starts the creative process.

Check out their video below and their website! No love for Android for now, sadly. Let’s give them time!

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  1. trinityw
    trinityw ·

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