Lomography CN 800 - Great Film for No-flash Photography


The Lomography CN800 is a color film with ISO 800. You can use it in daytime as well as in low light conditions. It will produce saturated colors. But beware of underexposure.

Honestly, I like using high speed films because using a flash destroys much of the romance a situation has. As a result, I use high speed film to take pictures when less light is available. In that scenario, the Lomogrpahy CN 800 stands out from the crowd.

Artificial light

Let’s start talking about the results you can get if you use the CN 800 inside with artificial light.

Credits: inrod

If you have a setting with neon lights, there is a good chance that your pictures will have a slight greenish look. But it depends on the lamps that are used. When I shot these pictures of the film display for example, the colors did turn out naturally.

Credits: inrod

If your have colored lights in your scene, the colors will turn out the same way.

Credits: inrod

Low light

If you are using the CN 800 outside with low natural light, it also does a great job. The reds are nice and warm. Due to the high speed, you can continue shooting without flash till late in the evening.

Credits: inrod


The Lomography CN 800 can also be used at daytime. Then you have the benefit of short exposure times at high aperture, resulting in a high depth of field. That makes the CN 800 ideal for street photography where you want to have high depth of field and short exposure times to freeze the moment.

Credits: inrod


Is there anything that’s not good about this film? Well yes, there is. You will get very grainy pictures when you underexpose it. But hey, which film likes to get underexposed right?

Credits: inrod


If you expose the CN 800 properly, you will get

  • strong colors
  • modest grain
  • pictures without the disturbance of flash light

And all this, you get at a great price. I’d recommend this film to anyone.

written by inrod on 2013-12-02 #gear #review #cn800-film-review-low-light-flash-high-speed

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