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There’s never a dark moment if you have Fritz the Blitz in your life. Giving you 3 power settings, color filters, and adaptors to practically fit any camera under the sun, this flash’s flexibility is unrivaled. Don’t take our word for it though, here’s the buzz from the community in this week’s Reviews on Rewind!

Credits: inrod

Fritz the Blitz: Useful for Nearly Any Camera by inrod

Compared to my SLR flash, the combination of Fritz and the adapter makes handling the camera easier. The center of gravity stays lower which helps a lot when holding up the camera. With the SLR flash on top of the camera, it tends to tip over, front first. With Fritz and his adapter friend, this problem vanishes.

Fritz the Blitz, not just for La Sardina by mochilis

For me, the only difficulty, as well as with focusing, is calculating the flash position depending on the distance, but the results came out this nice. Everything is perfectly lit and capturing all the friends that had come to see our piece of art.

Fritz the Blitz, Adapter Kit Surely Won't Light you Down! by bluemie5

Whats good about the adapter kit is that well it easily “adapts” to your chosen cameras. Based on my experience in bringing a lot of cameras on a trip. I’m happy that Fritz fits well. It can be attached easily to any camera that has hot-shoe adapter. If you want it to be attached in a stable/sturdy manner, you can use the bracket and bracket extensions included in the package.

Fritz the Blitz is No Longer Monogamous Thanks to the Adaptor Kit. by sandravo

All in all I am pleased with the adaptor kit. It allows me to toss a single flash in my camera bag rather than having to carry around multiple flashes. And knowing that single flash is Fritz makes it even better!

Fritz the Blitz: Hell Yeah Power Up All Your Cameras! 101 on the Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit by snapmehecatl

In my personal experience, the adapter kit has been one of my best acquisitions in the Lomo store. It has provided all my cameras with the ability of night shoots, and now I can fully explore the abilities of Lomography’s most powerful flash.

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