Taking Back Tipsters: The Flash Edition


While we Lomographers love our natural light, sometimes using a flash is a necessary evil. Don’t get caught with your pants down and read up on these Tipsters on using and maximizing your flash!

Whether you’re in a pitch dark hole, or out in daylight and just want to throw some fill, a flashgun is a handy tool to have in your Lomographic toolbox. You might think that using flash gives off unsightly effects but when used properly, it works wonders! For this week’s Taking Back Tipsters, we focus on tips related to flash. Check them out!

DIY Plug for Your Electric Flash by baujulia

Some old cameras don’t have a hotshoe for a flash. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a flash though! Click on for instructions.

Credits: ruyatuna

Make Light Painting: My Brush is The Light by ruyatuna

While lightpainting is more flashlight oriented instead of a flash, the principles of lighting remains the same.

LomoKino Flashy Transformer Disco Show! by mrmaart

With Lomographers, there’s no such thing as a broken camera, as you can always find other uses for it. Case in point is using a Lomokino with a stereo flash!

Approximate Distance to Get Rainbow Colors with the Colorsplash Flash by dikasapi

Distance between the subject and the flash is very important, as it determines just how much light reaches the former. Here’s a neat experiment on the different distances to use with the Colorsplash Flash!

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