Lomography Konstruktor: Your Travel Partner

2013-11-30 2

I think the Konstruktor is the best camera to use during a sunny day but it can be surprisingly amazing in indoor situations, too.

It’s been 5 month since i’ve got my Lomography Konstruktor. it’s actually my first DIY camera ever. I started building it with my girlfriend @isilyellowcopets even when she’s in Germany and I’m in Indonesia. Finally, we finished building it together even when we’re far apart.

So, the Konstruktor is my best partner in the past 5 months. I’ve taken many photos during different circumstances (sunny, cloudy, indoor) and so far, she doesn’t disappoint. Konstruktor is a good 35mm film camera, it can produce good pictures from negatives or slide films

It can also provide great pictures even when it’s not a sunny day

When it’s sunny, all I can say is that the Konstruktor is a beast. Its sharpness surprises me. It doesn’t shoot or feel like it’s using plastic lens at all. It also has great vignette effects like other Lomography cameras.

This camera really surprised me with great indoor shots.

For me, the Konstruktor is the best and most affordable DIY SLR in the world. And thank God, Lomography just released its Konstruktor Kit. I hope I can buy it soon and write a review for it, too.

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    @artlens karena aksesoris lens kit yang baru bikin gw pengen konstruktor juga dyk. :|

  2. artlens
    artlens ·

    @istionojr sikat. gw mau beli, sayang uangnya. ntar aja taun depan :3

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