December 20th Advent Offer: Get 10% Off Any Film (Online Code: 10ANYFILM)


Time to replenish your film stock this holiday season! You’ll be hopping from one party to another, so it’s best to keep your camera happy with tons of film. Today is the best time to take advantage, you can get any film from the Online Shop and Gallery Stores worldwide at 10% off!

Enjoy 10% discount when you buy any Film from the Online Shop or at your local Gallery Store. Go ahead, experiment with the different variety of emulsions we have available for you! Don’t forget to use the code 10ANYFILM if you’re buying Online.

Credits: jamesgreen, clickiemcpete, faaabii, mediabrus, elvishstuff, vici, willyb311, rotte & lomomowlem

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s advent deal!

Please note that stock may vary per country.

written by tomas_bates on 2013-12-20 #news #advent-offer-2013

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