Around the World in 360 Degree Views with the Spinner!


Travel photos shouldn’t be limited to stiff poses and squinted eyes due to glare. It’s always more fun to be quirky and funny to make those trips more memorable!

Traveling is fun and it should be fun. Be spontaneous and quirky! It shouldn’t be strenuous and your photographs should look like you’re having the time of your life. Enlist the help of the Spinner 360° as these community members did. We swear, it’ll be just smiles from here on out.

Go to a popular tourist spot, pose a little and snap a picture – and that’s it for travel snaps. You don’t have to do just that with the Spinner 360° camera from Lomography! Enjoy a fun way of shooting your travel photos with the swiveling action of the camera. Capture amazing 360 degree shots with just a pull of the cord. Enjoy your fun times on your travels and have fun photos to show. Just grab the Spinner 360 on your next adventure and let ‘er rip!

Credits: tagliatele_la_testa, noomink, nina_ska, arurin, lawypop, elenakulikova, kylethefrench, nicx, specialblewah & elvismartinezsmith

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The Spinner 360° goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic cameras. See everything around you (literally!), and be swept away by truly spectacular results. Head to our Online Shop and get your own Spinner 360°!

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