December 11th Advent Offer: Save 14% On The Fisheye One, Fisheye No.2 & Fisheye Baby 110 (Online Code: FISH14)


Today’s deal gives you the fun option to capture your memories in Fisheye style! All Fisheye Cameras – Fisheye One, Fisheye No.2 and Fisheye Baby 110 are on sale today. Get 14% savings when you buy them online or in the nearest Lomography Gallery Store!

Fisheye Cameras are compact, convenient and yield truly awesome results. Shoot 170 degrees of Fisheye distortion and see your subjects captured in a tight circle. Go for a Fisheye Baby 110 if you want to try 110 format or go for the convenience of 35mm film with the Fisheye One or Fisheye No.2 Cameras.

What’s the difference between the Fisheye One and the Fisheye No.2? The latter sports an MX switch, a Bulb mode for long exposures and a Fisheye viewfinder.

Use the online code FISH14 if you’re shopping online or visit a Gallery Store to catch the 14% discount on Fisheye Cameras.

Credits: mephisto19, susielomovitz, disdis, russheath, guitarleo & warning

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Please note that stock may vary per country.

written by tomas_bates on 2013-12-11 #news #advent-offer-2013

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