Beautiful Portraits Illustrated Using Ink, Tea, and Alcoholic Drinks by Carne Griffiths

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By simply looking at Carne Griffiths’ work, you wouldn’t think that beverages played a big part in their creation!

Photo via Coates & Scarry

These portraits by Griffiths are currently in an exhibition called _Invisible Lines_ at the Coates & Scarry in Hong Kong – his first solo in Asia. Griffiths created his portraits mainly with calligraphy inks and graphite, as well as tea, brandy, and vodka.

As you will easily notice in the photos below, his portraits are dominated by lines of various forms and thickness. These are said to “represent a universal balance, one of male and female, power and meekness, even notes on a scale.”

Furthermore, these lines also represent the emotional or spiritual connections between us and those that surround us. “They can be seen as representations of many things–energy, emotions or spiritual connections—the tangible and the intangible, in a natural balance,” an entry about the exhibit on the Coates & Scarry website further explained.

Photos via Coates & Scarry

I believe in chance, things happening for a reason and a balance. The tension between different objects, between ourselves and nature, between people, emotions and feelings; these can all be described in a drawing with simple lines. I try to achieve a balance between the figurative and the abstract. – Carne Griffiths

Invisible Lines is on exhibit until December 21, 2013.

All information in this article were sourced from Coates & Scarry via My Modern Met. Read more about the exhibit and see the rest of the pieces on the Coates & Scarry website.

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