PetaPixel Reviews the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit


Last month, we sent the people at PetaPixel an Experimental Lens Kit to test and play around with. Aside from sharing their initial impressions and outlining the pros and cons per lens, they also showed some nice sample shots from their test run. Take a look after the jump!

We’ve shared what gadget websites, online magazines, and photography sites were saying (read here and here about the then newly launched Lomography Experimental Lens Kit. If you’re looking for more insight about the Experimental Lens Kit, we’re glad to report that the folks over at PetaPixel picked up a kit for a test and a detailed review.

In their review, PetaPixel outlined what can be found in the package, their insights on the lens kit’s handling, feature, and performance, and the pros and cons per lens. We think it’s better to let the photos they snapped do the talking, so let’s take a look at some of them below:

12mm Wide Angle Lens + Olympus E-PM1

24mm Standard Lens + Olympus E-PM1

160° Fisheye Lens + Olympus E-PM1

160° Fisheye Lens in Infrared

12mm Wide Angle Lens + IR-converted Olympus E-P2

24mm Standard Lens in Infrared

Head over to PetaPixel's review of the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit to find out more and see more photos!

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