Face-o-Mat takes interesting, avant-garde photos of you in three minutes


Want to have a unique “photo” of yourself “taken?” Instead of settling for a selfie or rushing to the nearest photobooth, look for the amazing Face-o-Mat and have a one-of-a-kind portrait made in three minutes! Find out more after the jump!

Part photobooth, part portraiture, part sketching, and part performance art, the Face-o-Mat does what its name suggests: renders a sitter’s face in three minutes. However, instead of a strict likeness, the “machine” by Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann churns out something that either resembles the sitter or looks totally different.

You see, the Face-o-Mat is actually a portable setup wherein Gutmann sits on one end of the machine with his pens, paper, and other drawing tools, while people sit on the other side. After completing a squiggly portrait (a bit reminiscent of Keith Haring ’s style) in three minutes, Gutmann feeds the finished product into a slot, which churns it out towards the sitter.

The Face-o-Mat has traveled 40,514 km from Europe to Africa and Asia, and has made more than 700 awesome portraits.

Watch the whole process unfold in the video below:

All information for this article were sourced from Junk Culture and Face-o-Mat on Tumblr.

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