Then and Now: Artists Creatively Reimagine Popular Art Pieces in ‘Masters Re-worked’


Local artists from Pennsylvania in the United States have some pretty interesting ideas in recreating popular works of art!

_Masters Re-worked_ was an effort by the arts and crafts studio Mercantile Home located in Easton. This idea by its owners Ron Morris and Ken Jones Jr. started through a post on the studio’s Facebook page last April. In creating their interpretations, Mercantile Home wrote, “Artists are encouraged to submit up to two pieces in any 2-D medium (photography, painting, watercolors, drawings, collages, etc.) that re-imagine, re-conceive, re-create, or re-produce a famous work of art” and should not be bigger than 48 inches.

Among the selected submissions were a recreation of Auguste Rodin’s _Le Penseur (The Thinker)_ (1903), Frida Kahlo’s _Nina con Mascara de Muerte (Girl with Death Mask)_ (1938), Henri Matisse’s _Le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life)_ (1906), Michelangelo’s _David_ (1504), and Gustav Klimt’s _Portrait of a Lady_ (1899).

Ponder by Mary Iaccavone and Le Penseur by Rodin. Photos via The Morning Call and Musee Rodin
Mulher e Cao Mascaras Morturias by Charles Vail and Nina Mascara de Muerte by Frida. Photos via The Morning Call and Wikipaintings
The Joy of Life by Kailey Goodnuff and Le Bonheur de vivre by Matisse. Photos via The Morning Call and Wikipaintings
Homage to Klimt by Marya and Portrait of a Lady by Gustav Klimt. Photos via The Morning Call and All Posters

All of the pieces from “Masters Re-worked” were put on display in various locations at the Grand Eastonian’s Suite 203 beginning June 27 this year. Each piece carries the title and its artists’ name and contact details, as well as a small photo of the original piece.

All information in this article were sourced from The Morning Call.

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