Analogue-up Your Christmas Tree


Don’t you all agree that the festive period and cameras go hand in hand? Whether it be capturing all those special, snowy (or sunny) moments shared with your nearest and dearest or looking back at dusty photos from Christmases past, you can’t deny that all those memories give you a warm, fuzzy feeling and isn’t that what Christmas is all about? However, sometimes cameras can take on another role at Christmas, as seen after the joyful jump!

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It’s now less than a month until our favourite festivity comes tumbling down the chimney to shower us with Christmas love and it’s never a better time to start preparing cards, gifts and of course to put up your Christmas tree and decorate it with sparkly ornaments and tinsel aplenty. We’ve been searching for some unique Christmas tree decorating ideas to give your tree that unique, analogue touch, so without further avail allow us to present to you some Christmas tree inspiration!

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We’re curious as to what you analogue lovers decorate your tree with? Do you own any camera-themed ornaments? Here are a few Christmasy camera shots from our community for that extra festive boost of originality!

Credits: ryszardl70, kleeblatt, mafiosa, icuresick & stitch

As well as light painting a Christmas tree and multiple exposing it, you could make a tree from your tripod, or any other triangular-shaped object, such as an opened-up ladder, a tall stack of books or you could even use all your analogue photos and create an analogue wonderland tree on the wall of your room. There are so many ways that you can get creative with your Christmas tree and at the same time make good use of your cameras. You could even make decorations from your photos to give it that personal touch, and why not try your hand at this tipster – DIY Film Canister Lights to give your tree that final analogue glow.

Perhaps you’ve already dabbled in making your own analogue-themed tree? We would love to see your pics or hear your tips, so please feel free to share below!

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