View from Vienna: A City in Black and White

2013-11-30 1

There are cities which seem to come to life when shot in black and white. Vienna is one of them! Considered by some as a large town, or small city, Vienna has her own unique charm which could stun any lomographer!

Vienna is a city unlike any other. She may not be as big as Manhattan, or as romantic as Venice, or Paris, but Vienna has her own charms. A city full of culture and history, her streets tell a story in every turn. In Vienna, there’s a saying which goes “Wien ist anders!” (Vienna is different!) and it could not be more true! Each district has a unique vibe and atmosphere, that’s why it’s an ideal location for all kinds of photography. Vienna always has something to offer regardless if you are into landscape, architecture, staged, or street photography. All you have to do is turn a corner, or hop on the nearest street car, and you’ll be treated to a different scene in every turn.

Another unique quality of Vienna is that the city looks stunning in black and white! Her streets, buildings, and even people provide perfect subjects for mysterious, intriguing, albeit classical black and white street photography. So, whenever you get to travel to Vienna, be sure to pack a few rolls of Lady Grey, Tri-X, or your favorite black and white film, you surely would not regret it!

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