Vintage It Up: Jason Hull's Repurposed Camera Night Lights


A love for old-school and all things analogue is something that many of us share here on the community. Well, if you’re part of that group then you’ll surely love these cool treats.

We’ve seen a few collections here in the community – from cool-looking vintage cameras to other camera gear and equipment. The admiration starts off as a twitch and a click here, a little zoom there and we’re just totally hooked. I think that’s exactly what you’ll be feeling when you see these vintage-themed camera lamps.

Jason Hull collects old 50s and 60s era vintage cameras and re-purposes them as nightlights. Some of his re-purposed camera lamps include the Ansco Cadet II, Imperial Mark 27 and the Fedella 127. These cameras are drool-worthy on their own but Hull transformed those banged up, for-display-purposes-only cameras into nifty working pieces of home electronics.

His collection has grown into a quite interesting and profitable hobby. You can really feel the vintage vibe with the faint glow of the night lights. It’s also nice to think that old cameras are given a new life after they finish taking snaps of good memories on film.

Images via Jason Hull’s Flickr photostream

You can see Jason’s tutorial on how he creates his vintage camera night lights here. Head over to his Flicker photostream to see the complete set of pictures of his repurposed vintage camera night lights.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Jason Hull’s Flickr photostream and his Instructable tutorial.

written by cheeo on 2013-11-27 #lifestyle #diy #vintage-camera #night-light #jason-hull

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