Peter de Graaff Takes Us Around the USA with His Picturesque Landscape Photographs


We’ve featured photographer Peter de Graaff’s Aerochrome shots a while back and now we’re back with more. This time, he takes us around America with his large format landscape photographs.

Seeing these great natural wonders is like taking the path that photography master Ansel Adams took. There’s nothing but great sculptures of natural rock formations, jagged peaks with sparse foliage and seeping waters. The outdoors is a marvel to look at. Its high rising peaks and deep valleys are subjects that don’t shy away from inquisitive eyes and camera lenses.

Peter de Graaff shows us the different wonders of nature with his landscape photographs around the USA. The photographer shot these pictures using a Toyo 45CF large format film camera and the results are more than just amazing. Taking a page right off Adams’ book of tricks, de Graaff captured the scenic views from different angles instead of just the usual high vantage point. Also, de Graaff used color to fully portray the texture, depth and balance of soil, rock, sky and water.

Photos by Peter de Graaff

de Graaff’s landscape photographs are the closest thing to seeing those wonderful views first hand. You can see more of his works on his Flickr photostream.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Peter de Graaff’s Flickr photostream and website.

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