Put your 3D Glasses on for a Walk on the Moon with Kate Bellm!


If you give a Lomography camera to Kate Bellm you can be sure that she will make something extraordinary out of it. With 3 different cameras around her neck, she started a tour to the Moab Desert in Utah and came back with an explosive and colourful series which will now be exhibited at the new Lomography Store in Berlin. Are you ready for a walk on the moon?

© Kate Bellm

NAME: Kate Bellm
CITY: Berlin
COUNTRY: Germany
WEBSITE: katebellm.com

Hey Kate. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in 1987 in London and have since lived in Paris, London and Berlin! In a few months I’m moving to California to continue with my artist projects like making my own zines and creating art with my photos, plus travelling the country to shoot the never ending wonders of the American landscapes and people.

How long have you been into analogue photography?

I started photography with analogue so its been about 14 years.

What drew you to photography as a whole and as a career?

I can’t say the exact thing because it was everything. I was really inspired by photographers from an early age such as Guy Gourdin and David LaChapelle when I was a teenager and I just wanted to create sets and travel with teams to make shoots like they did.

© Kate Bellm
© Kate Bellm

You’ve been shooting with a Sprocket Rocket, Diana F+ and Pop9 lately. Was it your first experience with Lomography cameras?

My friends always gave me fun little Lomos for birthday presents ;) but this was the first time I worked with the other cameras and medium format film, in particular the LomoChrome Purple film on the Diana which I fell in love with for its acidic unreal colours.

Did you enjoy shooting with them? Which one is your favourite?

Yeah it was great, I loved it… I kinda dig the Sprocket Rocket because it gives the images in this really raw quality and its the perfect thing for my travel sketchbooks and collages.

© Kate Bellm

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had while using them?

I shot these photos deep in the Moab Desert in Utah, it’s a landscape of unreal scenery and proportions… so empty and silent, you feel as if you are on the moon. I was climbing rocks with 5 different cameras strapped around my neck and reloading film balancing on the edge of giant precipices!

Lomography really has the element of surprise you expect to get from film… I had no idea what was going to come out and was very happily surprised by the results colours and double exposures these cameras produce…so many beautiful mistakes.

© Kate Bellm

If you could hang out with a person, dead or alive, for a day and capture the experience on film – who would you choose and which camera would you use?

It would be Jean Michel Basquiat in the 80s in New York. I would use analogue of course, Contax T2 with 3200 film and of course my medium format Diana.

Soon some of your photos will be exhibited at the new Lomography Store in Berlin. Tell us more about your series “EAT MY HEART OUT, UTAH”. What are we going to expect?

It’s like walking onto the moon with 3D glasses on!

We are so excited about it! Thanks for the interview Kate!

We are pleased to invite you to celebrate the opening of our new Lomography Store in Berlin! Together with our friends from Lifesmyle we’ll bring you everything your Lomographic heart desires, along with creative design pieces to tickle everyone’s fancy. Join us for the official opening this Thursday!

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