Give the Cute Fisheye Advantage to Your Photos With the Fisheye Baby!


Recalibrate your view finders, it’s time to see the world fisheye style!

Mix up your analogue experience and get out of the square frame shots for a while. Try shooting with the cutesy Fisheye Baby 110! See the world in a teeny-tiny fisheye viewfinder for a quirky fun time! These cute little snapshots from the community show just how this compact shooter is big on fun!

See colorful splashes and wonderful multiple exposures come to life with every print! The Fisheye Baby 110 is cute and adorable in size but packs a punch in features. Open up wonderful shooting possibilities with this camera and get a pocketful of fun analogue memories!

Credits: clacli, maria_vlachou, syerowoo, russheath, jeansman, harveywayne, azotolina, adi_totp, joicetaveira & mireiawonka

This cute offering from Lomography is available for the Buy One, Get One Free deals! Simply add two Fisheye Baby 110 cameras of the same model to your cart and you’re good to go! Pair up with a fellow analogue lover and explore the fisheye kingdom with these pocket cameras.

written by cheeo on 2013-11-26 #lifestyle #color #fisheye #fisheye-baby #buy-one-get-one-free

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