Create Your Very Own Medium Format Camera Shutter and Grip

2013-11-26 1

It’s never a bad thing to pamper your cameras. After all, they pamper you too with great photos and memories!

Crafting your very own camera accessories may look like a hassle at first. All the work, planning, designing and finishing can be a little taxing. We get that, although we really can’t argue with the results if they are this cool-looking and effective.

Medium format SLR cameras usually handle differently than other film cameras. The box-type build often makes handling quite difficult as seen here with the Mamiya 645. Instructable tinkerer and DIY enthusiast Matt Bechberger shows us how to make a shutter grip for those hard-to-grip medium format cameras. The process is detailed when it comes to the tools and materials used to create this nicely done shutter and grip combo.

Images via Instructables

You can’t beat the feeling of creating a cool and effective accessory for your beloved camera. It just makes you feel good with the accomplishment. Not to mention, you can take those pictures conveniently now!

You can read the full DIY tutorial at Instructables and let us know once you’ve tried it.

All information used in this article were sourced from Instructables

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    Very nicely done!

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