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Introduced by Japanese camera maker Konica in 1982 and manufactured until 1985, the Konica Pop (or C35 EFJ in Japan) became one of the most popular 35 mm compact cameras from the 1980s, with 1.5 million models sold.

Konica Pop © Lars Andersson via Flickr, Image used under Creative Commons license

While it's a very basic camera with a fixed focus, single shutter speed, and manual film advance lever, its simple design, bright colors, and 36 mm f/4 Hexanon lens make it a fairly popular addition to every camera collector and film photographer's stash to this day. Decades after it was introduced in the market, the Konica Pop continues to bring a smile to people's faces with its playful colors and easy-to-use features.

Photos Taken by Our Community Members

Credits: zwetschkenspaghetti, drinkwater, candy_1006 & hanat9651

Technical Specifications

Lens: 36 mm, maximum aperture f/4. Early models are marked 'Hexanon'; post-1985 are not
Shutter speed: fixed at 1/125s
Built-in flash which pops up, hence the name
Button for close-up flash work (alters aperture accordingly)
ISO selector: For 100/200/400 only
Possibly unique folding rewind lever (metal) on the underside of the body. (Later used again on the AF3).
Power: 2 AA batteries (for flash)
Accessories: Tripod bush

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    This was the first Camera to re-introduce me to analouge photography, I got it for a few pounds in a charity shop whilst searching for a vintage restoration project and apart from a light seal failure its been a cracking little camera and if someone wants a small compact thats no fuss and looks good on a shelf then I couldnt recommend the Pop more, nice article :)

  2. jvujnovi
    jvujnovi ·

    I bought a similar camera (called opticam) that seems to be based on this from Value Village. I like the wide-angle (relative for point and shoot) and it's also a solid construction.
    It seems that BeLomo manufactured a similar camera called Elikon 5 (which I also own) that was zone focus and f-stops.
    Lomography should consider manufacturing a similar camera.

  3. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    I always find this camera hard to aim. I just end up shooting from the hip. Fun though.

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