Dreamscapes: Surreal Landscape Photography by Reuben Wu

2013-11-26 1

Seeing the world is something that we always hear people talking about when it comes to their wish lists. The wonderful sights are just waiting and Reuben Wu has been to some of the most gorgeous looking places in the world. It’s a good thing he has his cameras to share the sights with us.

When I first looked at Reuben Wu’s landscape photos, I had doubts if the locations can be found on the world map. The vast expanses of ice, crags and jagged slopes are too unreal, I thought. But alas, they are real places and Reuben has been lucky enough to capture the magnificent views with his film cameras.

Being a member of the international synth-pop act Ladytron, Wu gets to travel a lot on their tours and he just takes his cameras wherever they go. These surreal landscapes are the product of those travels and they kinda make you itch to go traveling yourself. Wu’s photographs have that ethereal feel to them at first glance. His photos are a peek into the hidden and sometimes forgotten places. Some cameras at his disposal include the Mamiya RZ67, a Polaroid SX70 and a Holga.

Images by Reuben Wu

Wu blurs fine art photography with a surreal touch, courtesy of these photos of awesome dreamscapes. You can see more of his works on his site and Tumblr.

All information used in this article were sourced from Gizmodo, Reuben Wu’s site and Tumblr.

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