Leslie David's One-of-a-Kind ‘Souvenirs de Paris’ Postcards


Paris-based artist Leslie David’s “Souvenirs de Paris” postcards are equal parts historical and chic.

David created the eight-piece series as commissioned by popular hip concept boutique Colette located in Paris, with the theme of “Parisian scenery.” Each postcard features a monochromatic photo of a Parisian landmark selected “from dated archives,” with various colors of paint textures applied on the sides – as if slowly flowing to take over the photographs! Her other work _Painting Please!_ employed of a similar technique.

On the commissioned project for Colette, David explained, “We wanted to associate the unexpected colors and relief of the paint with the romantic feel of the photographs.” _Souvenirs de Paris_ may be postcards, but they look so good we might as well frame and hang them on the wall!

All information and photos in this article were sourced from Leslie David’s website, where you may also view more of her work.

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