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Anyone and everyone who’s adventured across China on a train will know that it’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about the journey itself and the people you meet along the way. Wang Fuchun took this to the next level with his series of incredible photographs that documented Chinese passengers on trains. Prepare to be dazzled by these down-to-earth shots that capture real life on a train!

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Weaving in and out of makeshift communities on trains in China, Wang Fuchun- a railway worked turned photographer captures all the little moments of hope, happiness and even pain that occur on a long train journey. He feels at home on a train, having worked on one ever since he completed his military duty in 1970, and due to his interest in the arts he was asked to take photos as part of his job responsibility in the 1970s. He borrowed a camera and from that moment on, photography on trains became his main passion.

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He is now 68 and still taking photographs, stating that his photos are a representation of life. He likes to shoot in black and white because he believes it expresses a sense of history and change more than colour does, and that it creates a more abstract mood. Wang Fuchun continues to shoot even today, depicting life on the new high-speed railway too, and helping to add to the three-decade recorded history of China’s railways and all it’s changes and developments. His photos not only give us a clear picture of China’s trains but also of Chinese society in general.

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For those who have experienced life on China’s trains these photos are great for a spot of reminiscing and for those who haven’t yet had the chance to embark on such a trip, they are a great introduction of what life is really like on a Chinese train. There’s something about being squeezed into a small space for long periods of time that catalyzes peoples kind hearts to come out and play. People on the trains will be more willing to help each other and share their food items and get to know one another, than on a normal day out on the street.

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“Chinese On The Train” is his representative work and it has been exhibited at the Denmark IMAGE Festival and the Beijing Forbidden City International Photo Exhibition, as well as many others. You can learn more about his various series of photographs here.

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    wow! great photographs!

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    @adi_totp They're beautiful aren't they!! I just had to share! It makes me crave a long train journey.

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    @pippilongstockings yes they are! If you stumbled this kind of photographs please share here :D Long train journey in China or India seems possible to do these photographs.. don't you think? Indiaaaaaa :D

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    Precious! So far, I haven't seen anything as remotely interesting on a train anywhere!

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    great photos!

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    I love travel in China by train!! The only problem is that I'm always hungry 'cause everyone is always eating! :D Amazing pictures!!

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    great article!
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    great set

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    He established a relationship with every of his subjects. that's true photography.

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    Really amazing!

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