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2014-03-26 2

I love my Diana, but framing can be trying at times, especially with the Instant Back which takes you 5cm away from the viewfinder peep hole. I found a way to make framing with the Diana more pleasant.

Here’s what you will need:

  • a (mostly) blank sheet of overhead transparency
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pen (felt pen probably works better)

First you need to cut out a small square from the transparency to fit in front of the view finder. The view finder front is 1.6mm by 1.6mm but I found that simply holding the transparency over the view finder and cutting away works well. You want to end up with a square that is ever so slightly larger than 1.6mm by 1.6mm.

Next, you want to draw whatever composing aid you like on the little square. I ended up with a simple crosshair but you can do a 3×3 grid or whatever.

The final bit is a little fiddly: you need to slide the transparency square over the view finder so that it fits underneath the white bit of plastic which holds the “glass” in place.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, but just place the square on the view finder and wiggle it around until it is wedged in safely.

Next time you shoot a picture, make sure your cross hair is where you want it to be over your shot – headless riders begone! Remember that the cross-hair won’t save you from parallax shifts. If your subject is closer than 3 meters or so, you will need to aim slightly higher than you want the shot to turn out.

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  1. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Surely you mean 16mm (1.6cm)? Maybe your camera is smaller than mine :P
    Nice tip though :)

  2. souchka
    souchka ·

    Very useful tip, thanks a lot !
    I did cut down the square smaller than 1,6cm and it fits nicely.
    Can't wait to shoot with more precision !

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