Cool Face Painting Techniques Feature 2D Illusion in Photos

2013-11-25 1

A while back, we featured several works on how painting recreates photography, and vice versa. Well, you can add this one to that list. These 2D-looking photos show the illusion of how a brush stroke of paint and make-up can conceal things and deceive the eyes.

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov along with make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan bring us these amazing 2D looking photographs of models with painted faces that recreate modern pop art. The wearable art form on the models’ faces feature several familiar art designs like those seen on comic books and the Shepard Fairey poster featuring U.S. President Barack Obama’s face. Kutsan used different face painting techniques to achieve the different modern art references for the photographs.

Photo by Alexander Kholkhov and make-up by Valeriya Kutsan via Faith is Torment

One of the most notable shots is the one featuring a comic book-inspired character. The face painting is complete with the halftone dot effects and the bold black strokes for the model’s face outline. Face painting was used to create a flat image to hide the relative 3D look of the models.

Photos by Alexander Kholkhov and make-up by Valeriya Kutsan via Faith is Torment

Photography and painting blended seamlessly in these photographs and the results are eye-catching to say the least. To see more of the photographs from Khokhlov’s site, click here. You can also go to Kutsan’s site here to see some of her other make-up and face painting work.

All information used in this article were sourced from Faith is Torment Alexander Khokhlov's site and Valeriya Kutsan's site.

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