Monday Moodboard: Nature on a Natural Canvas


The past weekend was a good one and yet there were still times when I couldn’t help but think that I still have too much time on my hands. I think I should get into a craft just to escape the busy ramblings in my head.

Just this morning, I stumbled upon these cool painting-like prints on wood by a California-based company called WoodSnap. Their wooden paintings still show the grain and markings of the wood. The effect adds a certain appeal to nature with every flowing line of grain in the image. The images themselves look the part.

There are no washed out portions that compromise the quality of the picture. The landscape pieces made by the company really hit me like they were analogue photos. They pass up for quite handsome-looking shots on film if you ask me. I’d like to try that kind of medium hands-on although I doubt that it will be a walk in the park.

images via WoodSnap

Ideas are just contagious. These nicely-done wood artworks are ideas put into motion. I think that great nature photography really blends in with such a natural medium. Seascapes, mountain ranges and the bleeding tones of a fading orange sunset may really find the grainy surface of a wooden plane quite homey.

It’s cool to imagine the imagination and artistic process that goes into every wood print. These nicely done landscape prints have my thumbs up. I wouldn’t mind seeing these works hanging on my wall every day.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from CoolHunting and WoodSnap.

written by cheeo on 2013-11-25 #news #art #print #monday-moodboard-series #woodsnap

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