3D Printing Ups the Ante for Pinhole Photography

2013-11-24 3

It’s amazing how people are creating their own cameras with the technology offered to us by 3D printing. The creative process is given a whole new twist with this new technology and we’re seeing more DIY cameras springing into action.

We’ve featured a few articles lately about pinhole photography. From the simple 3D printed camera here to the book featuring pinhole photographs here. It seems that pinhole photography is finding its audience. This type of lensless photography is keeping analogue lovers busy with just a precisely cut pinhole and a black box that safely exposes the film inside. Add an extra dash of passion and imagination to the mix and it’s good to go. It’s nice to say that the 3D printed results are getting quite interesting.

P6*6 pinhole camera and design by Todd Schlemmer and other 3D printed cameras using his design Image via Thingiverse

Here’s another 3D printed pinhole camera for you to try out with open source files and 3D printing. Todd Schlemmer posted this design for open use on Thingiverse and had shot some pinhole photographs as well. 3D printing conveniently let him to create this pinhole camera that shoots with regular 120 format film. His black and white pinhole photos were taken using Ilford film. The soft tones and subtle effects of his prints are noteworthy to say the least.

Schlemmer’s build makes use of other 3D printed camera part designs that combines to create a functional pinhole camera. Analogue lovers are really looking for new ways to push their DIY and analogue experience further. Schlemmer’s work on the 3D printed 4×5 camera was also featured here on the website.

Sample shots from the P6*6 pinhole camera via Thingiverse

To see Schlemmer’s full set of pinhole photographs from the P6*6 pinhole camera, click here. You can also see his other photographs from his very own DIY 4×5 3D printed camera on his Flickr photostream.

All information used in this article were sourced from Thingiverse.

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  1. schlem
    schlem ·

    It should be mentioned that the cost to print the P6*6 is less than $US7.00 + a few M3 fasteners. I plan to have a kit available from Shapeways.com eventually (but it will necessitate some subtle redesign).

  2. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    looks great.. the color one!! love it!

  3. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    If you had ready to put together units or preassembled cameras, I would be interested in being a customer.

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