Fujicolor C200 35mm: The Cheap Go-To Film

2013-11-25 1

You wouldn’t have a hard time looking for this film anywhere you go and it comes cheap, too. Check my review to see how it delivers!

I was desperately looking for 35mm film in the mall one day, when I realized I forgot to pack extra films in my bag. I went to a camera shop and found their stash of Fujicolor C200. I love shooting in 400 ISO, but the shop didn’t carry any in that speed so I settled with the C200. I loaded it into my camera and started shooting.

And for about $2 a roll, I can say that this film is actually quite nice.

Naturally, the pictures look their best when they are shot with a generous amount of ambient light.

Credits: in-the-sky

And when you want to shoot indoors, this film is not bad either!

Credits: in-the-sky

Despite being at 200 ISO, I managed to shoot some photos under lowlight conditions.

Credits: in-the-sky

Overall, I like this film for its flexibility and performance in varying conditions, and not to mention the price.

Since I first shot with this film, I can’t help but buy loads of it whenever I have the chance to. It has become one of my go-to films since it is so widely available.

Here are some other photos that I like that were shot using this film.

Credits: in-the-sky

With enough light available, you won’t be disappointed. Have fun shooting!

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  1. lomographersayak
    lomographersayak ·

    just got hold of couple of rolls of the c200...lets see what i get out of them

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