Taking Back Tipsters: 110 Edition


If you think we’re ignoring our beloved 110 shooters, you’re mistaken! We love our miniature camera aficionados and we’re focusing on their film on choice in this week’s Taking Back Tipsters!

Big things come in small packages! With all those big, bulky cameras around, it’s refreshing to see someone whip out a small keychain-sized 110 camera. You’d think you’re giving a big compromise in shooting with something as small as 110 but don’t be fooled, it still packs a wallop! The 110 format has been gone for quite a while though, so some of you might not be familiar with it. To remedy that, we’ve got a couple of Tipsters from the community for you guys to pore over!

Shooting on 110 Film with the Lomography Experimental Lens by jillytanrad

If you have the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, you can still use it with 110 film! All it takes is a 110 film cassette, the film and lots of duct tape!

Credits: dvzncndo

Use Two 110 Films on a 35mm Camera for Crazy Awesome Shots by dvzncndo

Feel that 110 is a tad too small for you? Why don’t you use two of them at the same time for great results?

How to Make a Fully Functional 110 Film Developing Reel by sandravo

With 110 being (almost) a forgotten format, reels for developing it may be hard to come by. Here’s an option to make your own at the comforts of your home!

How to Scan your 110 Film by jet

Dumbfounded on how to scan your freshly developed 110 roll? Don’t fret. Here’s a handy guide for you!

Diana Baby 110 Mega Tipster Post by webo29

Have a Diana Baby 110 and want to squeeze out every inch of its potential and maximize it? This Tipster is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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