3D Renderings of Lomography's Very Own Konstruktor on a Dual Rig


DIY fever will never be over as long as there are cool ideas to make into cooler realities. Just take a look at these amazing concepts for the Lomography Konstruktor.

3D rendering and design have brought great projects into reality and this amazing Konstruktor camera rig may soon be hitting the streets for a one of a kind shooting experience. Seen on GrabCAD, these 3D renderings of the Konstruktor with a dual rig system look awesome to say the least. The simple parts seamlessly blend with the design of the DIY camera. The rig can be combined to house two Konstruktors at once and shoot simultaneously with a flick of the trigger mechanism.

images via GrabCAD

Jonathan Brazeau, the designer of the rig says that the design is kept close to the look of the Lomography Konstruktor – simple and clean lines aesthetics-wise. With the technological capabilities of the time, Brazeau said that the rig can be manufactured and can feature a total of just 11 working parts in total. He added that the manufacturing process can be done using injection molds and 3D printing. Brazeau has also designed a mean looking Konstruktor lenshood. The 3D images are still far from production as they are still in the design phase but they sure are eye-candy.

image via GrabCAD

Things are really looking up with these cool technological advancements. Who knows, we might be seeing more cool modifications that we can try for out with our own beloved Lomography cameras in the near future.

Click here to read more about this Konstruktor rig and here for Brazeau’s lenshood and Konstruktor design.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from GrabCAD.

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