PYHOF: Crazy Good Covers


It’s always good to recognize the original but these covers give a particularly nice twist to the classics. Take a dive into this week’s playlist and hear what we mean with these cool song covers.

Music is never rigid. Even the greatest symphonies were changed up to give a fresh sound to the ears. And let’s face it, making a cover of a famous song is the best kind flattery music-wise. That’s why we’re bringing you these nicely done covers of already great songs.

Credits: ali55, ariannapaloma & 134340

This week’s playlist is a mix of highs and lows, the slow is given a quick kick of beats and the up tempos are given a mellow caress. These modern takes on already great songs give us a new way to listen to some of our favorite songs and artists.

The artists who did the covers gave the songs their own flavor while still keeping true to the essence of the original songs. Acoustic covers included in this playlist tweaked the original songs with the right amount of playfulness with the strings. Other arrangements give out a different vibe to the originals as if they were from a different genre.

We know it, nothing beats the original. But give these songs a listen first and you’ll find reasons to love both!

Time After Time by Saosin
I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bon Iver
Crazy by Katie Noonan
Billie Jean Chris Cornell
Dare You to Move by Jayesslee
Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Dream Academy
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Maroon 5
Romeo and Juliet by The Killers

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