OBSCURA Book: 121 Pages and Reasons to Love Pinhole Photography


What do you get when you mix the love of photography, passion, dedication and 3000 pinhole photo submissions? Well, something that looks like the book fittingly titled “OBSCURA – 121 Views.” Read on to find out more about this love letter to pinhole photography.

Pinhole photography can be considered as a waiting game. You set your improvised or pre-made camera in one spot to soak up light and the image you want to see on film and wait. The OBSCURA -121 Views” book showcases this passion for pinhole photography. And the collective effort initiated by four pinhole photography enthusiasts had bore fruit – a book that features 121 pinhole photographs that illustrate the appreciation of a modern global community for this ancient analogue technique.

Images via Obscura-Book

The book is a “love letter to pinhole photography” in different ways. The team led by Larissa Honsek, Fine Nitschke, Eli Unverricht and Mila Haegele gathered pinhole photographs from all around the world through submissions. The team also commissioned 6 artists to choose the final photographs to be featured on the book. The photographs show the different points-of-view, interpretations and ideas and was divided into 11 chapters.

Images via Obscura-Book

Each chapter represents a different side to pinhole photography. The book doesn’t only give people a peek at beautiful photos but also share with them the ideas, passions and artistic value that go into pinhole photography.

You can learn more about the project on their website and get news on how to order this fitting tribute to pinhole photography. You can also follow their blog here to see the behind-the-scenes look of the production.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Obscura-Book and their blog.

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