Wide-Eyed Salvador Dali Standing Between Two Prints of his Artworks


Dali’s private eyes are watching you. They see your every move.

Photo via All Posters

Seems like master surrealist Salvador Dali was keen to keep an eye on things, as a number of his otherworldly artworks focused on eyes — like the prints he was photographed by Luc Fournol standing next to, entitled “Architecture of the Eyes.” Not much is known about this artwork, but it sure is fascinating to look at, don’t you think?

Aside from making mind-blowing art and keeping his private eyes on watch, Dali also liked to play skipping rope with kids, attending lavish costume parties, hanging out with fellow artists like Andy Warhol, indulging in a cigarette break with Coco Chanel, reading a book under tables, and trolling the panelists of a popular game show. What an epic life he lived, don’t you think?

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