Photo of the Day by ariannapaloma


Finding your place under the sun and afloat on a boat, is an opportunity to take a picture of something beautiful. It could be the sunset, the deep blue, or whoever it is spending precious time with you.

Credits: ariannapaloma

Our Photo of the Day was taken by *ariannapaloma,* a lady lomographer from Florence, Italy. It comes with the caption ‘Fim do mundo’ When translated to English, ‘FIm do mundo’ means End of the World. The photo was taken in Portugal, which, in olden times, was indeed considered as one edge of our planet.

The photo is part of the album Portogallo. Nostalgia Canaglia. This collection also contains a few more traditionally scenic images of the Portuguese landscape.

Congratulations to *ariannapaloma* for being our Photo of the Day winner!

written by jillytanrad on 2013-11-21 #news #portugal #potd #ariannapaloma

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