International Photography Museum Finds Its New Home in St. Louis


Indeed, pictures are worth a thousand words. And the International Photographic Hall of Fame and Museum is worth a whole lot more than that.

Photographs, cameras, one-of-a-kind memorabilia, you can find these and more at the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum (IPHF) in St. Louis. The museum has everything for all photography enthusiasts out there who’s looking for a trip back to memory lane when it comes to photography history.

Images via IPHF on Instagram

The museum caters to a lot of people and interests. It also serves as a ground where people who share the same love for photography can converge, meet other like-minded people and just enjoy the life behind the lens. IPHF has in stock an estimate of 6,000 cameras and 30,000 photographs at display to museum goers. Displays and items on exhibit change on a regular basis to ensure that each visit to the museum is like a new experience all on its own.

Entrance fee is quite low for the amazing display of photographic history. For a regular admission fee of $5 and $3 for students, you can see all the amazing memorabilia on display. You can catch the latest exhibit at the International Photographic Hall of Fame and Museum at 3415 Olive Street in Midtown St. Louis.

You can head over to their site for more details.

All information used in this article were sourced from IPHF and KSDK.

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