Laura Plageman’s ‘Response’ Series


Oakland-based artist Laura Plageman’s distortions give character to her own photographs of natural scenery.

Photo via Laura Plageman's website

This series by Plageman, titled _Response_, is composed of enlarged landscape photos deliberately distorted by folding, crumpling, and tearing – some subtle, others are pretty obvious – and are re-photographed to produce works “that oscillate between image and object, photography and sculpture, landscape and still life.”

Photos via Laura Plageman's website

My process unfolds through observation and experimentation – I let the image and its materiality dictate its direction. Playing with paper and with light in unplanned and organic ways, I look for new ways to perceive the space, form, and context of my subjects.

Plageman made use of a large format view camera “so I can control perspective and record as much detail as possible.” She added, “Whether focused on a ripped paper edge or a nesting bird, I hope to reach to a place where picture elements interact and merge in unpredictable and expressive ways.”

All information in this article were sourced from Laura Plageman's website. View the entire “Response” series here.

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