Perfect Pair: Fujica ST 801 and the Argenti Vivid Arrow 400 DX

2014-02-14 2

There are films that, for one reason or another, I don’t see being used with any other camera. In my case, it’s the Fujica ST 801 with the Argenti Vivid Arrow 400 DX film. These are my reasons.

I bought the secondhand Fujica ST801 online. I like the results produced by this analogue camera.

Credits: amaiahodge

This photo was taken at the bus station in Cordoba. The girl’s father caught me taking the photo, but who cares – the girl and her hair deserved it.

Credits: amaiahodge

The brightness of the camera is one of the things that made me decide to buy it, although at first it had me with its fixed focus.

Credits: amaiahodge

The colors of the Argenti Vivid Arrow 400 DX film have me fascinated.

Credits: amaiahodge

I did not hesitate for a moment to load a new roll when I was in the barrio de las letras of Madrid.

Credits: amaiahodge

It also has a vintage air that comes in handy for the Fujica, except that with this film, I always shoot in black and white.

Credits: amaiahodge

And of course, they are the perfect combination for portraits, both stolen and posed.

Credits: amaiahodge

And finally, the perfect sunset taken from the terrace of the Circulo de Bellas Artes.

What about you? Do you have a perfect combination?

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  1. lucicj
    lucicj ·

    For me, the best combination I found until now is that of the Nikon F60, with the 50 mm f/1.8 AF-D lens and the Kodak BW400CN film :).

    Currently, I have just inserted an Argenti film in my F60 (this is how I found your article - I wanted to know more about the film's capabilities; however, mine is the black and white Opticon-X, ISO 400 ). I got it from a loved one on a trip in Spain, just can't wait to see the photos.

    Best regards!

  2. amaiahodge
    amaiahodge ·

    What illusion made ​​me!, I again reminded this article
    I look forward to seeing your photos @lucicj

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