Pinhole Printed: 3D Printed Pinhole Cameras by Clint O' Connor

Technological advances are pushing forward to bring us great offerings in the analogue world. Case in point, this 3D printed pinhole camera from Clint O’ Connor.

3D printing is indeed opening new doors for everything DIY. We’ve seen a 3D-printed SLR body and a Konstruktor add-on like this macro converter but right now we have our eyes set on this 3D-printed pinhole camera from self-proclaimed tinkerer and experimenter Clint O’ Connor.

Clint O’ Connor and his 3D printed pinhole camera via Pinhole Printed

O’ Connor, who is quite a fan of pinhole photography has been shooting pinhole photographs for a long time. He has even shot pinhole pictures from Canada and Antarctica all in the love for pinhole photography. As a deaf man, O’ Connor says that the visual impact of images is really important to him. One of his more extreme pinhole projects was a pinhole telescope that used to take a snap of the partial solar eclipse back in 2002.

Pinhole telescope by Clint O' Connor

We see that in his project Pinhole Printed that has reached its intended funding goal in just a matter of hours. O’ Connor’s project overshot the goal of 1,200 by a mile, garnering funding up to 14,000 dollars.

Some of O’ Connor’s sample photos Images via Kickstarter

His Pinhole Printed project is something that brings great news to analogue lovers everywhere. The robust and simple design of the pinhole camera lets users take 12 exposures using a regular roll of 120 format film. It has a field of view of 70 degrees and uses quite a simple loading and shooting technique. The camera takes 6cm x 6cm square images that bring back the simple joy of shooting with film.

You can read more about Pinhole Printed and the process of the printing here.

All information used in this article were sourced from Pinhole Printed and PD Exposures.

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