Stunningly Detailed Portraits Made Using Maps

2013-11-20 1

Who knew that aside from being a vital tools for understanding our surroundings and getting around today’s increasingly convoluted cities, maps can actually be turned into beautiful portraits? A Welsh artist and illustrator did, and his works are nothing short of impressive!

Ed Fairburn at work.

While the rest of us probably regard maps simply as tools to help us get from one place to the other and avoid getting lost, Welsh artist Ed Fairburn certainly sees them as awesome materials for making evocative portraits. While the idea of using maps for artworks isn’t exactly new, it’s what the Cardiff-based artist and illustrator makes that goes beyond than our feeble attempts at collages and travel-themed dabbles at art.

To make his portrait pieces, Fairburn carefully sketches and draws over the random patterns of maps, yet also making sure to retain the dizzying, squiggly lines that indicate country borders, city limits, and other cartographical markings. However, in a number of his other works, he also makes use of cutting portions off and layering them over other maps to display the “physical depth between each layer.”

Take a look at some of his amazing map portraits below:

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Ed Fairburn's Website and My Modern Met.

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